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miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Barbed Wire Dolls [1975][DVDRip] - Unrated Director's Cut

Jess Franco plays a sexually abusive father who is murdered by his daughter Maria (Lina Romay). She is sentenced to life imprisonment and would you believe it the female warden is an equally nasty piece of work (Monica Swinn). Along with Dr Costa, the sadistic warden relishes her opportunity to torture the prisoners, but with Maria's help, the girls plot their escape...

This is one for the real deranged sex maniacs out there. There's virtually no plot just one flimsy excuse or another to show helpless women being sexually tortured and degraded. There are plenty of laughs to be had if that sort of thing rocks your boat, though. One outrageous scene has Jess Franco playing in-mate Lina Romay's father who attempts to rape her in slow motion...only trouble is they actually act (very badly) in slow motion live rather than slow down the actual film!!! incredible! Franco's worst? Hardly, It's actually one of his filthy sadistic best as there is no time to get bored for a change (a rarity with his movies!). Fans of that ol' Spanish zoom lens we've come to know and love will not be disappointed. Wild and crazed as only Franco could do..he out viles the ILSA series with ease here.Perfectly putrid!(and I loved every moment!)

Jesus Franco

Lina Romay... Maria da Guerra
Paul Muller... Carlos Costa (as Paul Müller)
Monica Swinn... The Wardress (as Monika Swinn)
Roger Darton... Milton Warren
Ronald Weiss... The Warden
Martine Stedil... Bertha Contrini
Eric Falk... Nestor
Peggy Markoff... Pompadour
Nathalie Mann
Denis Torre
Raymond Hardy... José (as Ray Hardy)
Beni Cardoso... Rosaria Cortina

File size: 700Mb | Dimensions: 720 x 416
Video: 1092Kbps XviD | Audio: kb/s mp3
Language: English | Running time: 81

Barbed Wire Dolls [1975][DVDRip]

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