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lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

Vinyl Dolls [2002][DVDRip]

C. Ashleigh, Brad Bartram, Jezebelle Bond, Paul Bradley, Kelly Couch, Kelsey, Beverly Lynne, Ander Page, Danny Pape, Tiffany Shepis, Jim Starling, Mark Weiler

Plot: The all-girl ock band the Vinyl Dolls has a problem: Artistic differences with their guitarist -- actually, the other band members cheesed her off when they told her she was self-indulgent -- have left the band without their best player right before they are to start a week of sold-out performances at a local ock club. Not only that, but a record promoter is interested in signing them to a major label. Lucky for them that Nola, an accomplished lues-rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist, shows up for an audition; little does anyone know she's on the run from a violence-prone small-time drug dealing boyfriend. No matter, the band sounds better than ever, and the women have time to explore romantic interests in their off-hours, including Nola, who is wooed by a local deputy sheriff. But Nola's former boyfriend finds out where she is and decides to crash the Dolls' big concert.

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