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sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

Hookers in a Haunted House [1999][DVDRip]

Director: Lou Vockell
Writer: Lou Vockell
Leslie Culton, Jenny Wallace, Tiffany Jones, Jeff Weldy, Bill Randolph, Xavier Raines, Michael Jordan, Lou Vockell

Three call-girls spend night in a terrible old mansion with ghosts…

Masseuse 2 [1997][DVDRip]

Director: Fred Olen Ray (as Peter Daniels)
Writer: Sean O'Bannon
Gabriella Hall, Robert Donavan, Landon Hall, Libby George, Ted Monte, Chip Holman, Arthur Roberts, Tom Ferguson, Joe Haggerty, Sam Anno, Michelle Bauer, Janine Stillo, John Maynard, Paul Bogh, Katz,

Entrepreneur Madison Dane is running a very successful VIP call-girl service behind a massage-parlor front. Things are going well until one of her girls overhears her client, a high-ranking senator with connections to some ruthless organizations, discussing the people he's had killed in order to claw his way to the top. To keep his secret, the senator and his associates will stop at nothing to eliminate or destroy anyone who could expose them, leaving Madison with no choice but to use every means at her disposal to bring the politician to justice and keep her girls safe.

Naughty Neighbor [2006][DVDRip]

Director: Francis Locke
Writer: Anora Leachim
Monica Mayhem, Akira Lane, Erika Jordan, Eric Masterson, Austin O'Riley

Frank and Betty are fun-filled vacation. After hearing mysterious conversations coming from the next room, they conclude that their suspicious neighbors may be criminals. They decide to find out what's going on ..

Naughty Neighbor [2006][DVDRip]

Wildflower [2000][DVDRip]

Director: David Michael Latt
Writer: Angel Orona
C.C. Costigan, Kim Little, Chris Hoffman, Dean Stapleton, Kristina Estlund, Tamie Sheffield, Angel Risin

When a scion of LA industry dies in the arms of a prostitute who won't hand him his heart tablets, his three squabbling adult children head for a weekend at the family's remote, high-desert cabin to sort out the estate. Ethan, the ambitious, cruel eldest brings his mousy wife Jackie. The ne'er-do-well brother Dennis, with an alcoholic past and big gambling debts, brings his new girlfriend, Zoey. The youngest, Audrey, seems detached. At a rural gas station, Dennis rescues a woman from an abusive boyfriend, and he invites her to stay with them. She's Nichol, and she looks vaguely familiar. Who's aligned with whom in the struggle for money and control? Who's weak, who's strong?

Illicit Sins [2006][DVDRip]

Director: Yves Monroe
Writers: Edward Gorsuch (screenplay), April White (screenplay)
Angelica Costello, Steven St. Croix, Dolorian, Dino Bravo

On the eve of the wedding, Lauren and Derek, meet the friends, Carly and Rob. Carly and Rob tell about different couples which faced sexual problems after a marriage.

lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Passion's Obsession [2000][DVDRip]

Director: Cybil Richards (as Sybil Richards)
Writer: Louise Monclair
C.C. Costigan, Brian Heidik, Samantha Phillips, Jesse Coleman, Regina Russell, Shyra Deland, Danny Pape, Burke Morgan, Roxanne Miller, Sean Juergens, Everett Rodd, Tre Temptor, Darby Daniels, Tawny Garrison, Joanne Choo

Nicole, a female private detective, is hired by Angela Moore, a Hollywood talent agent, to locate a missing male model. The plot thickens when a ransom note is received by the police. Nicole uncovers the seamier side of Angela, the male model, and their friends, and finally discovers what really happened.

Passion's Obsession [2000][DVDRip]

Twilight Vamps [2010][DVDRip]

Director: Fred Olen Ray
Writer: Fred Olen Ray
Brandin Rackley, Frankie Cullen, Christine Nguyen, Dena Kollar, Beverly Lynne, Billy Chappell, Ted Newsom, Ron Ford, Michelle Maylene, Jenaveve Jolie, Valerie K. Garcia

Jacky Roger y unos amigos, deciden relajarse después de un día de trabajo muy duro, en un club llamado “Sombras”, que resultará ser una fachada para un grupo de vampiros que atraen a clientes para chuparles la sangre.

The Seduction of Misty Mundae [2004][DVDRip]

Director: Michael Raso
Writers: John Paul Fedele, Michael Raso
Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Mario Duchi, Allanah Rhodes, Ruby Larocca, Darian Caine, Chelsea Mundae

Misty Mundae stars as "Misty," an innocent teenage girl who undergoes her sexual coming of age at the hands of her older, wiser Aunt Inga. This plot, such as it is, provides Misty with opportunities galore to shed her innocence through voyeurism, tentative sexual experimentation, and finally a  full-blown lesbian love scene with her aunt.

They Call Her Trouble [2006][DVDrip]

Director: Francis Locke
Reaparto: Matt Bianco, Lux Kassidy, Kurt Lockwood, Samantha Ryan, Tabitha Stevens

Incredibly sexy love story about two couples living in the neighborhood.

Virgin Hunters (Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000) [1994][DVDRip]

Director: David DeCoteau (as Ellen Cabot)
Writer: Kenneth J. Hall
Morgan Fairchild, Ian Abercrombie, Brian Bremer, Christopher Wolf, Sara Suzanne Brown, Michele Matheson, Don Dowe, Tamara Tohill, Laurel Wiley, Robin Joi Brown,
Conrad Brooks, Chuck Borden, Eden King, Dyanna Lynn, David Flowers

Dos jóvenes viajan a través del tiempo para impedir que el mundo se convierta en un lugar sin esperanza donde todo placer está prohibido. En el futuro, el sexo ha sido erradicado y apenas hay libertad para hacer nada. A través de una máquina del tiempo experimental, nuestros protagonistas acaban aterrizando en la década y en el lugar donde habitan los personajes decisivos que con el transcurso del tiempo serán decisivos y cruciales para que en el futuro, la humanidad no quede esclavizada y sea reprimida e inhibida de sus deseos.

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