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sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Caligulas Slaves [1984][DVDRip]

Director: Lorenzo Onorati (as Lawrence Webber)
Writers: Gianfranco Parolini (story) (as Frank Kramer) , Gianfranco Parolini (screenplay) (as J.F. Littlewords)
Robert Gligorov, Sandra Venturini, Aldo Ralli, Francesco Romei, Maurice Poli, Rodolfo Licari, Laura Colucci, Gianfranco Parolini, Edmondo Tieghi, Louise Kamsteeg, Maria Ann Levine, Aldo Sambrell, Mauro Ferri, Roberto Furlanetto, Cristy Brandao

Roman emperor Caligula leaves the last days of glory amidst orgies of food and sex. During a show by two nude slaves, the emperor is particularly attracted to one of them, Lysia, ignoring that she had been planted close to him with orders to murder him. Only, the young man makes her feel for him, passion and motherly love, and she'll protect him rather then fulfill her mission. Drama ensues.

Volupia de Mulher (The Chicks Ability) [1984][DVDRip]

Director: John Doo
Writers: Milton Donara (story), Ody Fraga
Helena Ramos, Romeu de Freitas, Vanessa Alves, André Loureiro, Alvamar Taddei, Germano Vezzani, Eduardo Abbas, Edna del Corso, Kátia Keller, Ruy Leal, Katie Marie, Zélia Nunes, Ana Paula, Rosa Ribeiro, Paula Sanches

Woman has to choose between being a prostitute or posing nude for a painter, in order to finance an expensive surgery for her son, his only chance to survive.

Scandal: Body of Love [2000][DVDRip]

Director: Peter Diamond
Writers: Sebastien Chartier (screenplay), Peter Diamond (screenplay)
Jason Schnuit, Amber Newman, Nichole O'Connell, Michelle von Flotow, Robert Donavan, Jarod Carey, Tony Piano, Zoe Paul, Anthony Skordi, Danny Pape, David Usher, Marine Soimaud, Gina Ryder

Description:  Young handsome millionaire marries former prostitute. During lovemaking happy husband dies after drinking before this heart pills. Wife accused of murder, but the lawyer ably proves that she is not to blame, and the case is closed. But everything is so simple in fact, as it seems? Not behind this apparent simplicity of some terrible secret?

Platinum Blonde [2001][DVDRip]

Director: Cybil Richards (as Sybil Richards)
Writer: Louise Monclair (screenplay)
Holly Sampson, Shannan Leigh, Eddie Jay, Micah Bradshaw, Jack Ketchmark, Daniel Busch, Darby Daniels, Mia Zottoli, Shauna O'Brien, Stella Porter, Timothy Stempien, Danny Pape, Tre Temptor

Angela is a mysterious blonde with a special mission: to bring together separated lovers. Join her as she helps a shy woman open up to her attractive boss, a man express his love to his brother's fiancee, and a movie editor in love with a young starlet.

martes, 21 de abril de 2015

Símbolo Mortal (Fatal Past) [1993][DVDRip]

Género: Terror
País: Australia y Estados Unidos
Duración: 83 Minutos
Año: 1993
Director: Clive Fleury, Richard Ryan
Guión: Richard Ryan
Intérpretes: Costas Mandylor, Katarzyna Figura, Steven Grives, Terence Cooper,
Productor: Phillip Emanuel
Música: Garry Hardman
Fotografía: Adrew Lesnie, Julian Penney
Montaje: John Scott, Ted Otton

Thriller romántico y sobrenatural donde un guardián del inframundo se enamora de la amante de su jefe. Esta escalofriante historia, situada entre la ciudad de Los Ángeles y el Japón feudal del siglo VIII, narra la vida de la concubina Jennifer Lawrence que busca por conocer la verdad de su complejo pasado y el
descubrimiento de un romance con el guardaespaldas, Costello. En un arrebatador intento por reescribir su pasado los dos amantes tendrán que enfrentarse al cruce de sus destinos.

Baby Love [1979][DVDRip]

Directed by: Rino Di Silvestro
Reparto: Paola Maiolini, Violette Lafont, Oliver Kris

Baby Love is a stepdaughter of an queen of the castle of Balsorano.The queen wants to sell Baby Love during the auction to the highest bidder.There are four bidders:a Chinese,an American,a Russian and a Sicilian.They want virginal Baby Love,but after successful auction the girl decides to lose her virginity with the queen’s lover who enjoys throwing knives.Rino Di Silvestro’s “Baby Love” is an insane Italian erotic comedy that offers tons of sleazy nudity including masturbation,lesbian sex,orgies and even whipping.

Plume Perverse [2005][SATRip]

Director: Claire Delune
Writer: Lili d'Ipanema
Jessica Fiorentino, Victor Marty, Nomi,José Ramos, Starks

The Secret Cellar [2003][DVDRip]

Director: John Quinn
Writers: Edward Gorsuch, April White
Glen Meadows, Christina Baby, Anthony Bates, Simon Cecelia, Sean McGovern, Danielle Petty, Nicolas Read, Ananda St. James, Marco Tillotson, Rafe Urquhart, Jonathon van Erik

Private Lies [2000][SATRip]

Director: Ellyn Michaels
Writer: Ellyn Michaels
Elizabeth Pires, Tim Holmes, Michael Taylor, Brandy Davis, Koury Allen, Seamos Duke, Rae Ritke, Elizabeth Hayes, Lauren Collins, David Bacon, Victoria Espana, Jennifer Nicole, Lora Michaels, Talia Botone, Sindy Tennes

The history begins with how Cynthia James costs with even the gun smoking after a shot in a hand, and her lover of Drew Snyder lies the dead in the pool of its magnificent mansion in Beverly Hills. And water gradually becomes red from its blood. The lethal weapon is strong squeezed at it in a hand, both the detective story Connie Croy and her workmates manage to take away it from Cynthia only after Cynthia understands that is surrounded by police officers with the weapon aimed at it from all directions…

Sexual Quest [2011][DVDRip]

Director: Austin Brooks
Charmane Star, James Kwong, Ann Marie Rios, Victoria White, Duane Carter, Dean Black, Jack Ketchmark

Charmane Star is a beautiful Asian actress starring as the female lead in fairly lame soft porn movie. After engaging in traditional soft sex - her fiancée and her create a sexual "to-do" list of things they want to do sexually prior to marriage. This "bucket list" of fantasies get carried out with their friends help. After the Acts are carried out - they are theoretically content to live their life exclusively. This movie is notable for having a Philipina female lead AND an Asian male lead - not normally seen in soft skin flix. Not a bad movie - but uninterested actors/actresses provide a fairly uneventful experience.

Sexual Quest [2011][DVDRip]

viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Serena The Sexplorer [2013][SATRip]

Director: Steve Goldenberg (as Louis DeWalnut)
Writer: Bruno Kennedy
Amanda Blow, Nicki Blue, Billy Chappell, TJ Cummings, Melessia Hayden, Khloe Kush, Yessie Sanchez, Joclyn Stone, Brittany Young

Lusty, luscious interstellar visitor Serena comes to Earth to satisfy her deepest desires in this erotic tale.

Liebe zwischen Tür und Angel [1973][DVDRip]

Director: Ralf Gregan (as Ilja von Anutroff)
Heidi Kappler, Heidrun Hankammer, Michael Büttner, Katja Dennemark, Günther Kieslich, Bianca Herr, Carmen Van Der Poel, Harald Lutz, Herbert Kluever, Angélique Duvier, Irmgard Kück, Rainer Peets

During a salesmen meeting, the General Manager of the company asks his staff to share erotic and funny incidents during their door-to-door sales promotions.

Liebe zwischen Tür und Angel [1973][DVDRip]

The Hot Wives Club [2006][DVDRip]

Director: Francis Locke
Writer: Francis Locke
Tracy Brown, Allysin Chaynes, Jana Cova, Nadine Howser, Mark Vega

The Hot Wives Club [2006][DVDRip]

The Hot Wives Club 2 [2006][DVDRip]

Director: Francis Locke Writer: Anora Leachim
Reparto: Taylor Ann, Chris Evans, Eric Frost, Jason McCain, Laurie Wallace

Sexual Chemistry [1999][DVDrip]

Título original: Sexual Chemistry
Año: 1999
Duración: 97 min.
País: Estados Unidos
Director: Mike Sedan
Guión: Helen Haxton
Música: Todd Schroeder
Fotografía: Mike Sedan
Reparto: Jeff Xander, Stephanee LaFleur, Chanda Marie, Raisa Ivanic, Landon Michaels, Betty Rudu, Tara Waggaman, Morgan Hampton, Jerry Johnson, Jake Stone, Mikul Robins, Gina Marie Cooper
Género: Comedia | Erótico

Sexual Chemistry [1999][DVDrip]

lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Naked Diva [2004][DVDRip]

Director: Andrew Blake
Reparto: Dahlia Grey, Aria Giovanni, Adriana Sage, Tanya James, Jelena Jensen, Chiane

Sexy actress DAHLIA GREY Andrew Blake bares all as naked PRIMADONNA. Join her and all-natural new discoveries Chiane, Jelena Jensen, Aria and superstar pictures centerfold celebrity that Giovanni in a fantasy world up-skirt and panty tease, bare chest, leg and foot worship; kissing, extravagant lingerie and up -close intimate and sensual body representation.

Arranged Marriage [1996][VHSRip]

Director: Mike Marvin (as Jake Kesey)
Writer: Naomi L. Selfman
Michael O'Connor, Michael George, Diana Frank, Lisa Comshaw, Lorissa McComas, Delphine Pacific, Shari Eckert, Angel Dickenson, Christiva Turner, Jennifer Thomas, Diana Cuevas, Alexandre Dupuis, Laurie Howell, Terry Rose, Lafayette Parish

When a man fails to pay his rent again, his landlord offers him a deal. He can stay only if he accepts to enter an arranged marriage between him and the landlord's sexy French mistress who faces deportation. Things heat up quickly.

L.A. Goddess [1993][DVDRip]

Director: Jag Mundhra
Writers: Michael Criscione (story) (as Mike Criscione) , Jerry Davis (screenplay)
Kathy Shower, David Heavener, Joe Estevez, James Hong, Wendy MacDonald, Rick Groat, Debbie Criscione, Tally Chanel, Brad Zutaut, Jeff Conaway, Shea Criscione, Katina Garner, Tony Lizaola, Clarence Smith

A stuntwoman on a western picture takes over the lead role when the star's alcohol problems prove too much, and she finds herself gradually falling in love with the film's producer.

All Girls Affair [2005][DVDRip]

Director: Francis Locke
Writer: Anora Leachim
Cherokee, Jacklyn Lick, Monica Mayhem, Rusty Nails

A suspicious boyfriend believes his girlfriends card nights are much more than that, but he gets more than he bargains for when he spies on the ladies.

Kinky Sex Club [2004][SATRip]

Director: C.W. DeVeaux
Writer: Vincent Dupre (screenplay)
Kaylani Lei, Beverly Lynne, Amy Lindsay, Kirsten Price, Dale DaBone, Matt Wilde, Chris Gustafson, Nikita Cash

Three couples show up at a vacation house expecting to be alone for the weekend, but find out the place has been triple booked. Softcore actress Jenny and her boyfriend Chance are agreeable with sharing the place, as are Jake and Faye, a married couple with a healthy relationship. Rose, an uptight woman who wants everything planned out to detail, is not happy with the arrangement and tries to convince her husband Gregory to leave, especially after witnessing some wild behavior by Jenny and Chance. The other two couples help Rose and Gregory improve their relationship, while the maid and cook fool around a bit.

miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

Sunset Strip [1993][DVDRip]

Director: Paul G. Volk
Writer: Nick Stone
Jeff Conaway, Michelle Foreman, Cameron, Trisha Giallella, Michelle Clunie, Lori Jo Hendrix, Shelley Michelle, Robert Beal, Paul Bond, Tim Abell, Barry Donovan, Helen Costa, Jeff Miller, Christopher Michael Wolfe, Bridget Butler

Beautiful youthful performer Michelle Foreman fells herself pulled to the finest stripper club in town. And she's a natural-gliding, milling glossy in the hot lights. she's all points to all guys. It's not very long before she translates her dancing method to the art od seduction-especially when she fulfills the hansom Jeff Conaway.
But it's a confusing circumstance for her. Surrounded by gorgeous beauties, who take it all down for the men who worship them-and the men who try to make use of them-she tries to fund her place in the sexually charges, provocative world.
Michelle is living to lifestyles: harmless by day, temptation and flesh at night! and on the tradition of Flashdance, Michelle uses hethat is the same typo as the case has erotic strip dance to achieve her goals.

Historia de O, 2ª parte [1984][VHSRip]

Director: Éric Rochat
Guión: Dominique Aury, Éric Rochat, Jeffrey O\'Kelly
Interpretes: Carole James, Eduardo Bea, Manuel de Blas, Rosa Valenty, Rubén Blanco, Sandra Wey
Productor: Éric Rochat
Música: Hans Zimmer, Stanley Myers
Fotografía: Andrés Berenguer
Montaje: Alfonso Santacana
Género: Drama | Romance
País: Francia / España / Panamá
Duración: 107 min
Año: 1984

"O" Despliega todos sus encantos, para seducir y corromper a sus victimas, hombres y mujeres que son sometidos a la sumisión, con el fin de que sus sueños más fugaces tomen vida.

Delicias Holandesas [1971][DVDRip]

Título original: Wat zien ik?
Año: 1971
Duración: 92 min.
País: Países Bajos (Holanda)
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Guión: Gerard Soeteman (Novela: Albert Mol)
Música: Julius Steffaro
Fotografía: Jan de Bont
Reparto: Ronnie Bierman, Sylvia de Leur, Piet Römer, Jules Hamel, Bernard Droog, André van den Heuvel, Eric van Ingen, Trudy Labij, Ton Lensink
Productora: RH Holland Films
Género: Comedia | Prostitución

Sinopsis: Greet y Nel, dos atípicas prostitutas que viven y trabajan juntas en el Barrio Rojo de Amsterdan, ofrecen "servicios especiales" a sus clientes. Mientras que Nel es esclavizada por su jefe y novio, Greta se enamora de Piet, el cual está casado.

Hindsight [1996][VHSRip]

Director: John T. Bone (as John Bowen)
Writer: Steve Tymon
Ken Steadman, Cyndi Pass, Kathy Shower, John Phillip Law, Robert Forster, Daniel Patrick, Tuesday Knight, Rod McCary, Lorissa McComas, De'Ann Power, Ron Jeremy, Sheila Redgate, Joann Doyle, Layla Norris, Jack Ong

A wannabe actor goes gaga for the beautiful, sophisticated wife of a studio yes-man, but their torrid relationship falls by the wayside when it brings him into contact with an even more provocative siren--whose sexual escapades may mask deadly schemes

Ces plaisirs qui vous hantent [2004][SATRip]

Original title: Ces plaisirs qui vous hantent
Year: 2004
Genre: Erotic, Romance
Director: Marc Riva
Starring: Lisa Guerlain, Philippe Lejeune, Soann, Melanie Coste, Benoit Clerc, Lyncia, Sharly Crater

Plaisir a trois (How To Seduce a Virgin) [1974][DVDRip]

Título original: Plaisir a trois
Año: 1974
Duración: 80 min.
País: Francia
Director: Jesús Franco (AKA Jess Franco)
Guión: Jesús Franco, Alain Petit (Historia: Marqués de Sade)
Música: Robert Hermel, Daniel Janin
Fotografía: Gérard Brisseau, Antonio Millán, Jesús Franco
Reparto: Alice Arno, Alfred Baillou, Tania Busselier, Lina Romay, Howard Vernon, Robert Woods
Productora: Comptoir Français du Film Production (CFFP)
Género: Drama | Erótico

Martine Bressac (Alice Arno) vuelve a su casa después de pasar una temporada en un psiquiátrico. Allí se reencuentra con su bizarro jardinero, su retrasada sirviente (Lina Romay), su marido (Robert Woods), y con su añorado sótano de torturas, grotescamente decorado con cadáveres femeninos disecados. Ella y su marido recuperan el tiempo perdido retozando mientras espían a su morbosa vecina, una joven que vive con sus distinguidos padres. Un día deciden invitarla a su casa e iniciarla en sus juegos perversos: un baño a dúo, stripteases, orgías… hasta que Martine la conduce al sótano de los horrores. Pero una vez allí, las cosas van a dar un giro sorprendente.

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